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Admission Procedure

Residential Department

The procedure starts in the first week of February. As the seats are limited ln hostel, the procedure of admission starts and ends fast in a fixed period. For Knowing the actual condition of a student, a basic knowledge test is conducted. Similarly, an interview is also conducted. During admission procedure, the students’ likings and dislikings are taken into consideration. If a student is willingly ready to stay in hostel, his admission is confirmed.

Fee Structure

Fee is very limited for lodging and boarding.

Contact No

+91 9926632632, +91 9924410928, +91 9965451008,+91 9924411887

Day Boarding Department

For day boarding department, the admission starts in the month of April. At the time of admission, the students liking, dislikings, interests are taken into consideration. On the basis, the admission is confirmed.

Contact No

+91 9922632632, +91 9665451008, +91 9922410928,+91 9922411887